How It All Began

Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought that all cats were the same. She believed they were temperamental, disagreeable and generally uncaring. 

She lived in this dark, bleak world for over two decades until she met the creature that would change her life forever. His name was Jack. He was only supposed to be part of her life for a few weeks, looking after him was nothing more than a favour to a friend. 

Jack would greet her the moment she walked in the door, he would cry when she left, he gave her love and entertained her — and adopted her coffee-pot as his own. Little by little Jack began to thaw her frozen heart. He showed her that cats could love, they could make everything better with snuggles and purrs — and they can also be one of the most ridiculous creatures on this great planet. 

Though he was only to be a part of her life for a few short months, Jack was a life-changer. The girl started noticing the other fantastic qualities in the cats around her, and while they were still temperamental, could be uncaring and disagreeable — in the end she finally understood that they were also so much more than that. 

Now the girl has a cat of her very own to love and pester. His name is Edward. The girl wanted to give him something special to thank him for being such a wonderful companion, and so she began to create special, hand-made-with-buttloads-of-love felt toys. She became a little obsessed with her venture and soon had far too many toys for just one cat - and since she lives in an apartment and can't bring home any more felines, she decided to share her toys with the world. 

Voila. 'Entertain Thy Feline' was born.