Rescue Pet Decal-01.jpeg

In Case of Emergency Door Decal


This paw print is a fully-customizable decal for your front door or window, designed to alert emergency services to the quantity and variety of pets within. 


The pads of the paw print are blank, and you can choose from six different animals to customize them. Simply peel the animals you would like to use and apply them to the paw print -- then add the correct number on top.


The animals included are: 








As well as numbers up to 9. 


Product Details/Instructions

This decal is made from an outdoor weatherproof vinyl that will last 2-4 years as it is laminated to protect against the sun and fading.  


You can apply it easily with no tools needed and remove it by peeling it. If it gives resistance use a burst of heat from a hair dryer to loosen the decal and it will be removed with no residue.  


You can stick it to window/glass, metal & smooth wood.