• Beth Hobson

Are you ready for Halloweeeeeeen?

Halloween is almost here! The crazy costumes, wild parties and trick-or-treaters will be upon us before we even know it!

If you haven't picked up your Halloween Cat Toys yet, make sure you do it soon.

AND make sure you enter in our Halloween Cat Toy Draw! It's really easy -- all you need to do to enter is share a picture of your kitty playing with one of our toys and TAG us in it! That's it! After that we will draw a winner and set them a set of toys at NO CHARGE. We even pay for the shipping. ;)

(We are @EntertainThyFeline on Instagram and Facebook and @ETFeline on Twitter.)

If you don't have any toys yet, don't worry -- if you pick some up soon you'll have plenty of time to get some adorable pictures and enter into our next draw. (Spoiler: The next one will be Christmas-Themed!)

See ya soon!

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