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Nerdy Cat Toys are the Best!

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was a fun success! I learnt so much about vending at large events and such a specialized one in particular. I think next year (if I'm able to go) will be even better!

The best result however, is the wide variety of new themed toys that I created for the event. My shop now boasts some seriously fun geeky cat toys.

Some of my favorites are:

Pacman and Ghost

Rebel Symbol and Tie Fighter Silhouettes

Mario Catnip Kicker

TMNT Kicker

Game of Thrones Kicker

Star Wars Stormtrooper Kicker

Batman Silhouette

Sailor Moon Luna Silhouette

Dr. Who Catnip Tardis

Catnip Dragon Ball

Catnip Meeple (From the game Carcassonne)

Earthbound Worthless Protoplasm

and of course the Classic, Studio Ghibli Calcifer and Totoro!

All of these guys are stuffed with some seriously awesome catnip. They will be available online for as long as possible. Be sure to get your kickers right away as I have a limited amount of fabric and once they are sold out they aren't likely to be coming back!!

I love making each and every one of these toys, and will happily make an order just for you.

(And your kitty!)

Happy shopping!

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