These catnip kickers are large and in charge! 


These cat toys are extra large, machine stitched and made from a durable 100% Cotton material. They are stuffed with a fiber fill and premium catnip blend. 


They are 1.5"x7" not including ribbon or feathers. (Some variation will occur from toy to toy!)


The size means they can attack these toys with all four feet at the same time! (See videos for evidence.)


Depending on your device the color in the pictures might be different from what you will recieve. They are a greeny/yellow with stripes in various colors. (Except the jean option. They're blue. ;P ) 


All toys should be used under supervision, however, those with feathers and ribbon particularly so. Depending on your cat, they might get shredded. You can also choose to have bells added to the kicker OR just a plain kicker with no dangly bits. 


The color of the accents will be completely random but you can select which fabric you would prefer. 

Catnip Kicker Toy


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