This cat toy teaser wand is a heart - on a string! Comes in two sizes!


The small heart is stuffed with nothing but Premium certified organic catnip (the large heart contains some fiber fill as well). This 'love'ly creation will drive your little beast wild. Unless your cat cares nothing for catnip, in which case we recommend the 'noisy toys'. 


Comes in a variety of color choices including broken heart. (A.K.A. Blackest Black)


Extra long string for easy taunting from a safe distance. 


Wooden Dowel is 30cm long
Small Felt Heart is 5cm x 4cm (1.5"x2")
LG Felt Heart is 10cm x 8cm (3"x4")


  • Each toy is handmade in Canada - some variation will occur. 


    Colors vary on each device so the color might be slightly different than what you see. 

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