This item is one peice of Tatarian Honeysuckle, a variety of wood that many cats go absolutely bonkers for. Each slice is between 20 and 30 g. Each peice has been sanded so that there are no sharp edges for your kitty to hurt themselves on. 


Most cats will enjoy rubbing, rolling on, licking and tossing the wood around. If your cat loses interest in their peice of honeysuckle, a light sanding or washing (no soap/chemicals) can bring the scent out again. Be sure to wipe down the wood after sanding as you don't want your kitty to breathe in the dust!


Note: Kitties should be supervised to ensure the cat doesn't try to chew the wood. (Light nibbles are fine.) 


Find out more about Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle Rounds(1 Piece 20-30g)


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