Multicoloured Teaser Wand with 'Ring of Doom' attachment on a nice long cord to make play-time easier on the human's back. 


It's a great cat toy to taunt, tease and tantalize your feline. It tends to last a little longer than the catnip stuffed variety as your cat is less likely to try to disembowel it. Recommended for the 'hunters' in your life.


This toy is ideal for kittens because many kittens don't care for catnip (this develops once they get older), they are much more interested in toys that they can chase! 

Wooden Dowel is 30cm long
Ring o' Doom attachment is approx 10cm x 10cm 


Because there are so many color variations possible, please send a note with your color preferences when you order this toy. (You may choose up to 3 colors.) If no note is included with the order, you will receive a surprise Ring-o-doom! 



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