This super cute gift set features all handmade items (of course)!


The bag is a fantastic Mysgreen creation, it is both machine washable and lined with a waterproof, food safe material. It can be used for anything from storing pet treats to your own snacks or toiletries!

The Bow Tie has a small elastic attached to the back and is designed to slip over a collar for instant style! 

The Cat Toy included in this set is the Catnip Skele-fish.


Because the bag is waterproof and seals shut, it also works well to keep your catnip toys fresh when your kitty isn't playing with them! You can choose to purchase 3 Catnip Infuser Sachets to add to this gift set, which can be sealed into the bag with your cat toys to constantly re-infuse them with the scent of catnip.  


Each of my gift sets are carefully put together and one-of-a-kind. Claim it quick as there is only one available! 

Skele-fish Gift Set

  • 7.5" x 6"

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