It's a Sock Cat Toy with Organic Valerian Root!

Does your cat like to hang out with its head in your shoe or sniff your feet after a long hard day at work? First of all, tell your cat that's gross -- and consider testing out one of these highly potent Valerian Root Cat Toys. It looks like a sock, and it sure smells like one too! 

Not all cats respond to Valerian Root, but if they do... (they're weird), and they'll be blissfully happy, that's what matters right? If you have to open up all the windows in the house, well... the needs of the kitties outweigh the needs of the humans. 

So buy your cat a smelly sock today! (Have any frenemies with cats that you haven't pranked lately? Buy them one too!) 

Material: Felt

If you're not entirely sure about just Valerian Root - You can always choose to have the socks stuffed with both Valerian Root and Catnip. Each toy will contain 1 tsp of this remarkable root, and if that doesn't sound like very much to you... never fear... it's plenty. Trust me, I'm a crazy cat lady. :P 

Disclaimer: Some variation in the toys should be expected as they are cut, sewn and stuffed by yours truly. No guarantees are made on the lifespan of the toys. All cats have a different play/attack style and some will destroy a toy faster than others.

Stinky Socks

  • Height: 4.5" 

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