Disclaimer/Care Instructions

All cat toys should be used under supervision to ensure that the cat does not eat any of the felt, ribbons, bells, filler, etc.


Some cats would never dream of committing such a heinous crime, they just want to toss the toy around until it doesn't fight back anymore. Others will rip, tear, attack and otherwise attempt to murder the toy until it gives up all its secrets (and its stuffing). Furthermore, there are occasionally cats who have a mental disorder that causes them to believe that ribbons and string are, in fact, spaghetti. These cats should be watched very closely and cannot be trusted with anything that dangles. (Men, you have been warned.) 

Any toy that is ripped open should be thrown out immediately. 

Felt Toys will get reeeeeeally fuzzy once they have been loved by a cat. While it is totally hysterical to watch a cat lick fuzzy cat toys, you can take a pair of scissors and give the toy a little haircut -- it will make it look much nicer. Just don't cut the felt. 


I do have an entire page dedicated to the wonder that is honeysuckle, but here are the basics. 

It's pretty much amazing. The hunks of wood don't look like much, but they will drive most kitties wild. If your cat tries to chew on it (not many do), please don't allow it, juuuuust in case it might damage their teeth. 

If your toy is stuffed with honeysuckle shavings and your cat destroys it, do not allow them to eat the shavings. While not deadly, the wood will cause gastrointestinal distress. 

You have been warned. Please play responsibly.