What is Honeysuckle?

And how to use it safely.

Honeysuckle (specifically lonicera tatarica) is a variety of blooming shrub. The only portion that is of interest to cats is the woody stem and branches. These parts of the honeysuckle contain a compound called nepetalactone, which stimulates playful behavior in cats. 

Felines that are under the influence of honeysuckle tend to become playful in a manner similar to the effect of catnip. Honeysuckle is a great alternative to catnip as many cats that don't care for catnip will respond to the honeysuckle. Additionally, catnip tends not to stimulate younger cats while honeysuckle works on a wider age range. 

The effect often lasts for about 10 minutes after which the cat will become desensitized for a short period of time. 

Honeysuckle can be used in shavings, which is what you will find inside of our honeysuckle-stuffed toys. Many cats especially enjoy playing with a piece of the wood(Please note: we are currently sold out of the wood. Sorry for any inconvenience!) 

It is important to monitor your cat and ensure it does not try to ingest the honeysuckle. (Every once in a while some lunatic cat gets the genius idea that he should try and eat it. Don't let it.) Any toys that are stuffed with honeysuckle shavings should be disposed of immediately if the stuffing is ever exposed. 

The same goes for any other pets you might have - especially dogs, as they are more inclined to chew and eat things than cats are. 

If your cat loses interest in its piece of honeysuckle you can spritz it with water or wash it down (water only) to bring the smell out again. If you do this, please ensure that the wood is left open to the air so that it can dry -- you don't want to risk it going moldy by sealing it up while it is wet.